In the early hours of Battle Creek's Roof Sit 2018, 95.3 WBCK's Nico Berrios and Brandon James (probably on way too little sleep) made a proclamation on the air. It was around 6:45am, and we wanted to get to that first benchmark of $1,000 on our way to the $60,000 goal for Haven Of Rest during the two day annual event. So Nico made a promise that he would dye his hair pink if we reached $1,000 by 7:00am. I decided to get in on the action too, not realizing that my hair was virtually impossible to dye because, well, there just isn't much there. But Nico has a head of hair that makes up for my shortcomings. So anyways, we made the $1,000 goal by 7:00am and started putting together a plan.

Here is how it went down. Nico purchased the hair dye and brought it with him Saturday. As we were getting ready to go pink, we were fortunate enough to have the very talented Anne Jones, daughter of Haven Of Rest's Executive Director Daniel Jones, help us with the coloring. Then we made sure to document the silliness on Facebook Live.

Brandon & Nico getting pink hair - Part 1: Prepping the hair

So 45 minutes later we were ready to rinse it out and see the results. We needed water. There were lots of water bottles in ice filled coolers to keep us all hydrated, but we weren't really interested in incorporating an ice bucket challenge into this. Then Nico remembered that there were extra water bottles in the fridge that we hadn't plugged in inside the RV that Haylett RV provided us. Welp... someone had plugged in the fridge. So all we had was ice cold water.

We used it until Daniel Jones finally saved the day when he thought of something we should have. Duh, we were doing Roof Sit at a restaurant. Most restaurants have access to hot water. Daniel went inside Mancino's and fetched a bucket of hot water. In the end, Nico's hair turned out very pretty pink. I basically just got my hair wet because I have short soft baby hair. But it was all fun and just another part of a wonderful weekend with wonderful people.

Brandon & Nico getting pink hair - Part 2: Washing it out

This was the 12th annual Battle Creek Roof Sit and it was another major success. The event raises money for Haven Of Rest's Inasmuch House in an effort to aid homeless individuals and families in Calhoun County and get them on a path to a successful life. They have been a fixture for helping the less fortunate since 1956.

We are already looking forward to Roof Sit 2019, and maybe we will color our hair again? And maybe next time, I'll leave my hair longer so it will actually change color.



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