Battle Creek residents throughout town might need to flush their pipes before using them over the next few days.

The city says maintenance crews are flushing water systems in preparation for later work to take place later in the year, and the flushing might cause rust in the system to be stirred up.

As a result, you might see discoloration in your water, but it will be safe to drink.

The following areas are set to see work as of Thursday, March 15;

  • Van Buren St. and Penn St.
  • Chestnut St. and Wendell St.
  • Jackson St. and South Kendall St.
  • Helen M Montgomery Ave. and Hubbard St.
  • Beglin Ct. and West Goodale Ave.
  • North Mason Ave. and West Spaulding Ave.
  • Lafayette Ave. and South Kendall St.

If your water is discolored, the city says you need to flush your pipes. First, run cold water in your bathtub until it turns clear; after that's done repeat the process in your other faucets. They also say it might be wise to avoid washing white or light laundry for a while.

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