Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday after a year-long battle with lung cancer.   The first that fans heard the news, was when his wife, Katherine, spoke at the beginning of The Rush Limbaugh Show, at 12:06 pm.

"I, like you, very much wish Rush was behind this golden microphone right now welcoming you to another exceptional three hours of broadcasting," Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn, said on his show Wednesday. "For over 32 years, Rush has cherished you, his loyal audience, and always looked forward to every single show. It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications from lung cancer."

As the news was posted on WBCK’s web and social media pages, listeners commented on the loss.  Here are just some of the positive and respectful comments:

Kathy A. Carter-Frodge:  “I started listening in ‘92 as I was recruiting for a college in IL. Lots of driving. He changed my way of thinking. Monumental in our daily lives. He’s gonna be missed.”

Eveyln Dionne: “A sad day for American conservatism. Rest in Peace, friend.”

Doug King: “Many of hours listening to the Golden E.I.B. Microphone. RIP Rush.....Very sad to just learn of his passing.”

Rebecca Schnorr: “Will miss listening to Rush. Have been listening regularly since the 80's.   Always entertaining and upbeat. Peace my friend.”

Durk Durkee: “I've always listened to Rush, and was honored when he covered a story that I broke in Jackson, years ago. Always entertaining.”

Chris Simmons: “I started listening to Rush in 1991 on WKMI. I remember I was in college at KCC and listened in my car between classes. He was awesome and there was nothing else like it out there. Didn't come in well in Battle Creek and was thrilled when WBCK picked him up a short while later. Inspired me to get into radio and I went on to work at WBCK for many years and always admired him. He was the best and will be missed.”

Raymond Weaver: “R.I.P. sir, you have earned it. We will continue on with your work.”

Pamela Dustman: “Prayers for the family. He truly will be missed.”

Carole Tabiadon: “Loved listening to him and getting his take on things. He will be missed!”

Clint Barry: “He prepared us for this day on the last show of 2020. Still hurts.”

George Murphy: “I was never his biggest fan, but I won't celebrate his death like others all over are doing.  Rest in peace Mr. Limbaugh.”

Mickey Jones: “I have been listening to Rush for 31 years. I’m crushed.”

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