Apparently our government has so much money that we can spend ½ a million dollars and counting on observing pregnant woman walk.

In an article in The Washington Free Beacon I learned our government, through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have spent to date $471,770 watching pregnant women walk.

This “study” is being conducted by Butler Hospital in Providence, R.I., and is attempting to show how a “gentle” workout of light walking can help pregnant women from depression.

Do we really believe that this is a good way to spend ½ a million dollars?

This “research” will study 152 women, which according to the article will be either walking or receiving a “perinatal-focused health education” program. Then the study will try to determine which group has less stress and depressive symptoms after being in the programs for 10-weeks.

Documents asking for the grant stated “Depressive symptoms are prevalent among pregnant women and consistently linked with adverse outcomes for both women and infants, including higher rates of spontaneous abortion, preeclampsia, operative delivery, and postpartum depression,” they went on to say “Infants of depressed pregnant women are more likely to be born pre-term, and experience more language and cognitive delays, anxiety disorders, and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder.”

Then the grant papers went on to argue that this project is necessary because “no study to date” has studied pregnant women while they walk.

Why does it cost so much to study 152 women and why does it take so long?

Do you believe this is a good way to spend the money we borrow from China?

I thought democrat congresswomen Nancy Pelosi said the cupboard is bare and there is nothing left to cut.

What about we start with cut spending taxpayers money on watching pregnant women walk.

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