We have all heard about the possible dangers of Vaping, well the CDC just released a list of the vape brands most linked to the hospitalization of the users.

In their report they released yesterday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed the products that patients most often cited they used.

Those brands are:

Dank Vapes was the brand used by 56% of the hospitalized patients nationwide.  Something you should know about Dank Vapes, the CDC informs us that Dank is not a licensed product coming from just one business.  Dank is empty packaging that can be ordered from Chinese internet sites and them illicit vaping cartridge makers can buy the empty packages and then fill them with whatever they choose.

  • TKO (15%)
  • Smart Cart (13%)
  • Rove (12%).

There are a couple or reasons the professionals are zeroing in on why these products are harming people’s lungs.  There has been an analysis of about 1,800 of the hospitalized patients and they found approximately 80% of them used at least one THC product with their vape juice.

Also CDC officials believe a chemical compound called vitamin E acetate, that has been commonly found in the lungs of the hospitalize users, has been found in the products they vaped.

Vitamin E acetate is used as a thickening agent and has been found in the illicit THC vaping liquids.

The CDC is recommending that people do not use any electronic cigarettes or vaping products that contain THC.

The moral of the story is if you do decide to continue to or start to Vape be very careful on the product you decide to vape with.

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