It is summer so let us talk ice cream.

I love ice cream, who doesn’t.  Because I love ice cream I read a new study that a software development company called Workwise conducted.  The wanted to know what was the most popular ice cream flavors in each state.

They attempted to determine what the most popular ice cream flavor by studying Google search volumes of ice cream in each state.

I would have never guessed that the most popular flavor of ice cream, according to this study, in Michigan was Superman.

Even more surprising I did not know that many credit Detroit’s beer maker Stroh’s with inventing the colorful blue, red and yellow-swirled ice cream.

Michigan was the only state that favored Superman ice cream above all the other flavors.

Do Michiganders prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Well according to the study Michiganders prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla ice cream. In fact 33 states choose chocolate over vanilla ice cream.

What flavors were favored by other states?

  • Cookies and cream the top honors with 14 states listing it as their favorite
  • Vanilla - 5
  • Chocolate - 4
  • Peppermint - 4
  • Strawberry - 4
  • Coconut Milk - 3
  • and Mango - 2

Have a great summer and be careful how much ice cream you do eat, it is swimsuit time.

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