Rolleye was pretty afraid for a couple of minutes when he saw the inside of the radio station, but that didn't last too long.  He gets nervous in new situations, but what a nice and beautiful dog!   Maybe he could move in with you?

Rolleye is a little under a year old.  He birthday is in February.  He came up from Texas to live in Battle Creek at the Humane Society on Watkins Road.   He's definitely got some Husky in him, and perhaps some kind of hound.  Rolleye is very playful, and , like a lot of young dogs, does like to chew on stuff.   He'll need a fenced in yard and probably need to be in a crate when nobody's home to keep an eye on him.

Check out his different colored eyes and the spots on his back!

If you'd like to adopt Rolleye or another lovable critter, just download an adoption form and give the Humane Society a call.

Rolleye-TSM Photo