Will there be measurable snow on the ground by the time turkey and the trimmings are served on Thanksgiving Day? It's not out of the question, according to the country's big forecasters.

The Weather Channel points to a 40-60 percent likelihood of measurable snow on the ground in the middle and southwest parts of the lower peninsula. The so-called "Polar Vortex" is expected to flow colder air from Canada as far south as northern Kentucky starting Sunday, November 19, 2017.

M-Live Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa blogged about a potential for snow on the 19th in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, though the amounts will be minimal. A quick jaunt to the west - in lakeshore counties especially - a heavier snowfall is expected, according to Torregrossa. He called snow measurements this weekend in much of lower Michigan a "white tint on grass".

Were temperatures to remain cold enough into Thanksgiving week, that snow may remain.

Accuweather predicts a windy and cold Thanksgiving Day across the Great Lakes, with the greatest snow potential up north.

The National Weather Service forecast only looks 7 days out, but considers a chance for snow on Sunday, November 19 "slight", and does not yet predict weather on Thanksgiving Day.

With Thanksgiving being the busiest travel time of the year, many are keeping an eye on how weather may affect their holiday travels in November.


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