It may be a bit of a morbid take, but it is quite interesting and altogether bizarre that one of the deadliest creatures in the world is so, so tiny. And incredibly annoying.

Every year when Ohio sheds its winter coat as the warmer months roll in, this creature returns like a B-movie Dracula flick to suck some blood.

I'm of course talking about mosquitos. Sure, it's pretty cold now in most of Ohio, but warm weather will be here before you know it. Once the temperatures consistently stay above 50 degrees, these suckers come back to ruin your day.

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While many people wave off mosquitos as essences, the fact is that they are stone-cold killers. According to the CDC, mosquitos kill more people around the world than any other creature on the planet. The diseases they can carry are well-documented to bring about agonizing sickness and painful deaths.

Being prepared to deal with mosquitos is a must, no matter where you live in the continental United States. Luckily, Mosquito Magnet has a handy infographic on its website that details just when mosquitos will return throughout the country, including Ohio.

Ohio is in just the right spot to have multiple mosquito revivals. The bulk of the state will see mosquitos return in early April, while most of the southern portions, south of I-70, will see mosquitos a bit earlier in March.

Knowing when they return is one thing, but keeping them away is another. Objects that collect water are common breading grounds, so ensuring that standing water isn't near your home goes a long way in keeping mosquitos away. Some home maintenance, like repairing window screens and cleaning the gutters are also great ways to stave off the bloodsuckers.

Don't skimp on mosquito repellant when you're out enjoying nature either. "OFF" and "DEET" bug repellants can save you the nuisance, but also keep you and your skin healthy.

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