You may have read about her. Or seen her. Maybe you have stopped and offered her a few bucks.

Or, maybe you have criticized her.

Battle Creek mom Lori Truex says all of the above has happened since she's taken to local street corners this week with signs asking for money to send her daughter to Michigan State University. She plans to do it for 79 days.

"It's been really, really good...and really, really bad," she said, telling 95.3 WBCK while some have stopped to help, others have criticized her and her daughter on social media.

Does she really expect to collect enough from well-wishing passers-by to cover the remaining $24,000+ she needs? Or is the whole thing is just an awareness campaign?

"Both," she said Thursday, June 15, 2017 at the corner of Beckley Road and Riverside Drive.

Lori, a bus driver, said the initial financial aid estimate for their portion of their daughter (and 4.0 Lakeview grad) Kendall's first year at MSU was $4100. But once the ball got rolling, Lori said, the total cost ended up at almost $30,000. Subtract from that Kendall's Pell Grant award ($1770) and her MSU Student Aid Grant ($3600), Lori and her husband, a factory worker, still face a $24,000+ tuition bill this year.

"That is more money than I make in a year," Lori said.

Add to the situation a $60,000 student loan from their older daughter's college years, and the numbers don't work, Lori said.

While we spoke, a retired school principal stopped and handed Lori a contribution. A few minutes later, a young woman stopped and offered to hold an event with the proceeds going towards Kendall's tuition.

Click the player at the top to hear Lori talk more about what she calls her "One Mom" social experiment.

What would you do?

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