Agenda for Battle Creek City Commission Meeting on January 19, 2016




Citizens who wish to address a specific issue on the floor may do so at any time after being recognized by the Mayor or presiding Commission. At the time for public comments, after being properly recognized, citizens may address the commission on any subject. Citizens will be subject to the following limitations:

1. Citizen comments on any Resolution before the Commission may be made either before or after the Commissioners have had an opportunity to discuss the Resolution, at the discretion of the Chair;

2 .Citizens wishing to speak to a particular Resolution should raise their hands and wait to be recognized before speaking;

3. Citizens will confine their remarks to matters currently pending on the floor, and be brief and concise in making their remarks;

4. If a citizen becomes repetitive or, in the opinion of the Chair, takes an inordinate amount of time in making comments, that citizen will be ruled out of order and the Commission will continue with its business;

5. Citizens should address all remarks to the Commission as a whole, and not to individual Commissioners.

These Rules will apply to comments by citizens during the Public Comment section of the Agenda.

The City of Battle Creek will provide necessary, reasonable, auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired, and audiotapes of printed materials being considered in the meeting, upon seven days' notice to the City of Battle Creek. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services, should contact the City of Battle Creek by writing or calling the following:

Victoria Houser
Office of the City Clerk
Post Office Box 1717
Battle Creek, Michigan 49016
269/966-3348 (Voice)
269/966-3348  (TDD)

Agenda For January 19, 2016