Starting Friday, June 3, motorists throughout Battle Creek will be seeing road crews out and about, chip sealing streets.

Chip sealing involves the application of a layer of small stones mixed with asphalt.  The city advises motorists to avoid driving over the affected area for about an hour after it is applied.  As well, the affected areas will be fog sealed at a later date.


Affected Streets will remain open, with traffic regulators directing traffic.

Roads being worked on include:

Acacia Boulevard – Golden to York
East Acacia Boulevard – York to Hayman
Grand Trunk Avenue – Kendall to city limits
Hamblin Avenue – Washington to city limits
Hayman Avenue – Riverside to East Acacia
Iroquois Avenue – 20th Street to Woodrow
Kelley Avenue – Michael to Wren
Keystone Drive – Tyler to east end
Lafayette Avenue – Angell to city limits
May Street – Wood to Hubbard
North Brady Road – Dickman to Brydges
Oakhill Drive – Echo to Willow
Renton Road – Columbia to Watkins
Roseneath Avenue – Hubbard to Limit
South Moorland Drive – Riverside to Edgehill
South Hills Drive – Riverside to Lincoln
Surby Avenue – 20th Street to Woodrow
Tyler Street – Columbia to Acacia
West Acacia Boulevard – Columbia to Acacia
West Goodale Avenue – Hubbard to Kendall
Wagner Drive – Union to Emmett
York Avenue – West Acacia to east end

Alleys will be chip sealed, but not fog sealed in the following locations:

Mint Street – Washington to Meachem

Rhimes Avenue – Goguac to Battle Creek Avenue

Alley between Poplar and Union (Alley 4)
Alley 5/6 – Alley 4 to Cherry
Alley 8 – Wagner to Capital
Alley 9 – Orchard to Sherman
Fremont Place – Orchard to Fremont
Alley 11 – Sherman to Emmett
Alley 13 – Hunter to Pitman
Harvard Court – Harvard to Garfield
Hoffman Court – Harvard to west end
Alley 15 – Calhoun to Glenwood
Alley 18 – Althea to Barney