It happens every year. The first snowfall happens, and the phones start ringing at the radio station. MANY radio stations, I suspect. The caller on the other end of the line, weary from snow driving, wants us to convey a message.

"Tell people to turn their headlights on!" they say.

Truth is, they're right. We all should have our headlights on when conditions make it difficult to see. Often, though, drivers are more concerned with seeing than BEING seen, and so lights don't get switched on. Even in the picture above, during a light snowfall, it's easier to see the cars with headlights on.

The other thing is many vehicles these days have automatic headlights. That is, lights that switch on after a certain level of darkness is reached. That means that during a rain or snowstorm, it may not actually be dark enough to trip the sensor and turn your lights on, but it would be helpful for other drivers if you switched them on manually.

Take it easy out there - and remember to brighten up our would by turning your headlights on in inclement weather.