Here we go folks - 12 shopping days left until Christmas.  Probably five days left before we need all our cards in the mail.  And what –5 days before we need our Secret Santa gift for work. 

Why is it that Christmas seems to sneak up on us every year?   Think about it.  The stores have had Christmas stuff on display for three months now, and we got the Christmas Club money in November.  This should NOT be Breaking News!

So, what is left for the LaFountain family to accomplish?  Let’s see.  First, we need to send a check off to our oldest son in Georgia for gifts for his clan there.  But he moved.  I need his new address.   No problem.   Send a text message right away.  (My children seek to avoid any type of verbal communication at all costs, and will only respond to text messages.)  But do I even have any checks to write anymore?  I can’t tell you the last time I wrote a check.  Onward then we go to Plan B, gift cards!  You’re thinking, how wonderfully personal and thoughtful.

Next we’ll try to arrange a Christmas lunch date with my three oldest grandkids, followed by an afternoon of shopping with them.  Now, how do you take THREE teen/pre-teen kids shopping, at what will no doubt be at three different stores in one afternoon without wanting to jump in front of traffic?  Looks like Plan B again, gift cards at lunch!  You’re thinking, how wonderfully personal and thoughtful.

Now, what about Myrna, our sisters and brothers?  What?!  We don’t have anything for them yet?   (Insert SIGH here)  You guessed it.  Plan B.  You don’t need to say anything.  Really.  I know what you’re thinking.    Just wait till next year.

BREAKING NEWS:  Myrna is now cool.