What are the most pro-Trump and pro-Clinton precincts in Calhoun County during the historic election of 2016?

According to ElectionMagic.com, which breaks out election data of several counties across Michigan. While the county as a whole went for Trump, as did 75 of the 83 counties in Michigan, of the 62 precincts in Calhoun County here are the largest percentages for Trump and Clinton.

Most Pro Trump Areas of Calhoun County

#1 Eckford Township

Eckford Township was home to the highest percentage of Trump supporters in the County, voting for the future president by supporting him with 75% of the vote.

#2 Clarendon Township

Located on the southern county line near Homer, Clarendon Township supported Trump by 72%.

#3 Lee Township

Lee Township on the northern county line near Olivet gave Trump 71% of its vote.

Most Pro Clinton Areas of Calhoun County

#1 (t) City of Battle Creek Precinct 12 and City of Albion Precinct 1

Both Battle Creek's Precinct 12 and Albion's Precinct 1 supported Clinton with 83% of their vote. Precinct 12 in Battle Creek includes the area of the city north of the railroad tracks to Parkway Drive and west of North Avenue while Albion's precinct 1 includes the neighborhood north of Austin Avenue to the city line and west of Ionia Street.

#3 City of Battle Creek Precinct 21

Precinct 12 in Battle Creek is bounced by Limit Street, Coolidge Avenue, North Avenue and Parkway Drive and supported Clinton with 80% of its vote.