Listeners to our Morning Show know, that when we share one of the seemingly endless stories of stupidity, excess, or extraordinary ego, I whip out our old friend Skeeter Davis to sing us a bit of “End of the World.”   And I think that little song clip is right on target.  What we’re talking about here is essentially, the type of behavior that is foretold in The Book of Revelation!   And I know it’s good for a laugh (God willing) but it’s absolutely no kidding when I tell you that I am endlessly amazed, shocked and depressed with the state of the world today.  This stuff truly distresses me.  It makes me feel concerned about what kind word I’m leaving to my grandkids.   We as a people have gone off our nut.  But, I need to stop here, or I might break in a full blown sermon.

Then, just at the point when I fear that the entire world just plain sucks and there’s absolutely no reason to justify our continuance as a species, I come across something like this.   And my ever aging heart (not to mention my friend the spleen, tee-hee) are warmed.

I hope you enjoy this as well.  And a special thanks to Jill Stout!