I am not a geneticist.  I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Nor do I own a cool lab coat like Robert does.  Those facts notwithstanding, I have a theory about career criminals.  Simply, it is that they possess an extra gene, which I have dubbed the IDIOT GENE.  The IDIOT GENE  causes the carrier to behave in a manner that absolutely defies any kind of logic in this or any other solar system.

Every day in preparation for the Morning Show, I sort and sift through a lot of material to present during our three-and-a-half hours together.  I try to look for things that amuse me, challenge me and sometimes shock me or defy my ability to understand.  I figure those are the best things to share with you.  I want you to have something to talk about the rest of the day in your world.

And then I came across this.  It certainly amused me.  And, it certainly defied any ability I may have to understand.  Does the world actually contain people this stupid?  Judge for yourself.  Here's the story, and here's our newest member of the IDIOT HALL OF FAME.  Allow me to introduce today's inductee, CHRISTOPHER MILLER.

The Christopher Miller saga (as it's become known) begins back in 1999 when he was a lad of 25.  One day, in that fateful year, the IDIOT GENE reared it's ugly head and he was possessed to rob a Stride Rite shoe store in Toms River, New Jersey. Justice needed to be served, and he ended up getting sentenced to 15 YEARS for armed robbery.

Christopher's 40 years old now, and he just got out of prison five days ago.  Free at last, free at last!  Christopher, no doubt reformed and remorseful, full of hope for a good future, took his first steps toward becoming a new man!  An asset to society.  Onward and upward!

He left the South Woods State Prison in Bridgetown, New Jersey . . . got on a bus . . . took it back to...(wait for it)

the SAME store he robbed 15 years ago . . . and ROBBED IT AGAIN!!!!!

He even did it the same way as he did in 1999!!  He demanded cash from the employees, then ordered them to go to the back of the store.

The employees called the cops, and they quickly traced it to Christopher and arrested him for robbery.

There's no official word on WHY  (nor will there likely EVER be) he chose to rob the same shoe store the SECOND he got out of prison.

Revenge? Unfinished business? A strange obsession with shoes? No one knows.

I blame it on the IDIOT GENE.