Tapping On Your Face to Lose Weight?

Yep.  And I tend to believe it certainly can help in the weight loss process.  What?  YOU?  YOU who is always talking about the hard work and dedication required to meet your fitness and wellness goals?

Well, yes!  Lemme clear this up for you.  I ABSOLUTELY do believe that for true, long-lasting health and wellness, you need to be ready to sweat a bit and change some habits, chief among which are eating habits.  But I also believe that there are other tools, in addition to sweat and change, that can and do help in the process.

This new diet that says you can lose weight just by TAPPING on your body.  When you want to eat junk food, you figure out what's bothering you emotionally, repeat that it's going to be okay, and tap nine different acupuncture pressure points.

Sounds nuts?  Well, may I ask you to think again.  I use a technique very similar to this to help control stress and my body's response to stress.  Seems that my response to stress, any kind of stress, is with a reaction that is probably best saved for, let's say, a fire in the barn!  In other words, my initial reaction to stress is not appropriate for the actual "threat."   Today, when I feel stress, I take two fingers and tap on the back of my hand, and remind myself "I'm safe."  This technique has helped me to react to stress with a much more rational behavior.  And boy, has this saved me a lot of grief from trying to smooth things over after I've overreacted!

And don't forget, all that stress tends to turn to a wad-o-fat that we carry around the belt line.  And that's a bad thing.  But back to the story.

There's a new book out called "Tapping For Weight Loss", and it claims you can lose weight just by tapping your fingers on your face and body.

There are two steps.  One, when you're craving something unhealthy, you're supposed to dig down deep to the root of what's bothering you at that moment.  Like, are you stressed about work?  Are you worried about money?  Whatever it is.

Then you tap two fingers on nine specific acupuncture pressure points while you tell yourself things are going to be alright.  Say something like, "Even though I'm afraid I won't be able to pay off my credit card, I accept how I feel and I'm okay."

The nine pressure points are:  The fleshy part on the side of your hand below the pinky, your eyebrow, next to your eye socket, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, your collarbone, under your arm just below the armpit, and the crown of your head.

If you tap each point seven times while you tell yourself things are going to be okay, apparently it kills any craving for junk food.

This sounds ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS . . . but in a clinical study, 89 women tried it and lost an average of 16 pounds in eight weeks.  They ALL also kept the weight off six months later.

Now, I'm not part of a clinical study, but I CAN tell you that the technique works, for me. Give it a try!