That's ME! Got me some good F-L-O-W goin on!  Not bad for an old guy.  

Just took advantage of a FREE P.A.D. evaluation at Advanced Vascular Surgery.  They've been serving the communities of Battle Creek , Kalamazoo and surrounding cities for nearly 30 years now, and they've just opened an office in Battle Creek, at 3566 Capital SW.  This is an especially valuable test if you have some of following risk factors.




High Cholesterol

African American/Hispanic Ethnicity

Family History

Vascular Problems

My family history is rife with problems with High Cholesterol.  That, and while I never smoked myself, I probably smoked a pack or two a day from the second hand smoke from Ma and Pa.  So I was VERY relieved to hear that I showed NO plaque in my arteries, my blood pressure was good, and there seemed to be no problems at all with any Aortic diameter, suggesting any problem with aneurysm.

YOU too can take advantage of the free testing.  Just give them a call at 269 495 6500 and schedule an appointment.  It probably took me twenty minutes.  No sweat!  Give them a call today.  It's a very neat little peace of mind.