I find that I've reached a point in my life when I am seriously considering down-sizing. 

What "things" do I no longer need?  What "things" would I want to pass on to the kids?  How can I make a transition to a life that isn't necessarily burdened by always having to find a place for stuff?  On to kick off the shackels that bind me to this earthly plane.

Wait.  That's getting a little carried away there.

And frankly, a lot of the stuff that I have, I can't FIND because of all the other STUFF.  It kind of makes me crazy.

I've been looking at my tools, extra furniture, BOXES of old record albums.  The kind of things I've moved around from place to place multiple times over the past, well, thirty years anyway.  It's a tough decision.  What stays and what goes?

So whilst in deep pondering mode, I came across this.  It's not for everyone, that's for sure.  But it's so stinking creative, and it would FORCE someone to make those hard decisions to keep, or not to keep.


Frankly, I'd love to try it!  Hmmm, I wonder if Behnke has an old flatbed...oh, wait.  That's more stuff.