I can see it now....a class action law suit....against the Flintstones.

I shared this on today’s Morning Show, and I think some listeners may take issue.

Three new studies have been published - and they all say the same thing - a daily multivitamin does not improve your health.  They say their tests are conclusive and the case is closed - consumers are wasting their money on multivitamins.  

Wow.  That’s kind of bold! 

By the way - that's a $30-billion dollar a year industry.

I happen to believe in taking multi-vitamins and supplements.  Not randomly, but taken based on my particular needs.  I find them useful, essential even, before and after my workouts with Tonya at Rock Solid.  But beyond working out, my primary motivation for taking supplements and multi-vitamins is that, again my opinion, these days we probably don’t get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our food that we did, say 100 years ago.  We process the daylights out of stuff so that it will have a half-million year shelf life.  So it’s possible that even the best of diets may still lack the essentials. 

So what’s a boy to do?  I did a tad of research to see if I could find more information on this topic, and perhaps find a more objective, fair and balanced if you will (sorry, we’re a FOX station) perspective on the issue.  So, may I present the following;


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