Who knew you could have so much fun with flour? Certainly not ME.  Bakers Apprentice here with an update from the wide world of bread.  First a thank you for the folks who visited and took home some of Yaya's Artisan Breads from the Bellevue Farmer's Market and the Springfield Farmer's Market.  We hope you loved it, and are craving more.

Tomorrow will find us at the Bellevue Farmer's market (for all your craving needs) with a basket full of fresh bread.  Rosemary, Chocolate, Cranberry and White Chocolate, Challah and new this week, Irish Soda Bread.  Market hours are 3 p.m. until 6 p.m.

This week found Teresa (Yaya herself!) fiddling around with her recipe somewhat to achieve a slightly thinner crust.   She wore a lab coat, smoked a pipe and spoke with an English accent just to insure success.  She also insisted she stay at a Holiday Inn Express this week to become even smarter.  It was a sacrifice on my part, but it's all for a good cause, your continued satisfaction.

We do need some help though.  Any of y'all have a rosemary bush you'd care to part with?  Mrs. goes through a LOT of rosemary.  We bought every little plant available on greenhouse shelves throughout Calhoun County, and we're STILL running out.  We need us a good ole' bush.  If you would care to share, I'd provide the shovel and the person-power to dig it up.  Or if we could just have a snip or two---please?

Oh, and no, the house has NOT burned down yet as a result of my wiring work, details of which were contained in my last update.  Seems some of you doubted the quality of my work.  You are forgiven.

We'll see you at the Bellevue market tomorrow.  We'll be easy to find.  We're the table that smells so good!