WBCK Radio in Battle Creek is gearing up for yet another season of high school games on 95.3 FM.  At a time where very few stations still cover the games, WBCK and owner Townsquare Media are looking forward to expanding its commitment and updating the broadcasts.

“Our company name is Townsquare, and our company believes that its radio station brands, like WBCK, are the Townsquare of the community, “said Mike Laviolette, General Manager of the Battle Creek stations.   “When Townsquare acquired WBCK and Mix 104.9 in November, they were very clear that they favor live and local programming that showcases the community.   High School sports broadcasts are a very important part of that.”

WBCK has been broadcasting about 40 football and basketball games a year, something it has been doing since going on the air in 1948.   WBCK Brand Manager Tim Collins says the station plans to do an even better job of covering games this season.    “First we moved the WBCK signal to FM 95.3, which gives us a better sound and much better signal coverage than the old AM, which has been sold and is now off the air.    Now we have new technology which will let us do more “away” games, and broadcast from just about any location.   Another thing we’re going to do is offer our sponsors the chance to get behind broadcasts of some girls’ basketball and volleyball games.

Collins says the station is upgrading voices in the booth this year.   “Nate Adams will be taking over as the play-by-play voice on high school games this fall.  Nate will bring new, young and exciting momentum to the play-by-play booth this year.   He lives and breathes high school sports.   He’s an expert on just about every aspect of sports broadcasting, and will really be able to make the most of new technology to bring the games to the radio.”   Adams has been the PA voice of the WMU Hockey team for the past few years, and has called many games on Access Vision.    Adams will also back up Terry Newton on Battle Creek’s longest running radio program, “Coaches Corner.”   Newton talks with the area coaches on Saturday mornings at 9:00am on WBCK.  Coaches Corner returns on August 30th for the first show of the Fall.

Adams, a former student athlete at Gull Lake, still keeps active on the field and at the lanes.  And he spends a lot of time coaching his 6-year old son Austin.  Adams says that sports broadcasting has changed a lot since he was in high school.   “With smart phones and the internet, it’s totally different.   I can actually interact with listeners during the game, getting score updates and information about the players.  High school sports fans will get to feel the school spirit no matter where they are now.”

Collins says the station normally doesn’t stream ballgames on line, because the pro and college teams don’t allow it.  But he says all of the High School games will be steamed on line at www.wbckfm.com.   He says the best way to listen is to download the station’s “Radio Pup” app, which is free.

WBCK offers a wide range of packages for local businesses to be a part of the broadcasts.  Steve Holm, WBCK Sales Manager, says he’s seen high school sports work very well for local clients.   “When listeners hear that a business is firmly behind our kids, it really counts for something.   It tells people that they’re involved in and care about the local community.”

The season starts on Thursday August 28th with an 8-man football contest with St. Phillip hosting Kingston at C.W. Post Field.

Nate Adams with St. Phillip Volleyball team in the WBCK Studio