A Flag is an important representation of the people who live underneath it.  A good flag is unique, easily identifiable, and simple in design.  The Five Principles of Flag Design, compiled by Ted Kaye of the North American Vexillological Association, are as follows:

1. Keep it Simple.  A flag should be easily drawn by a child.

2. Use Meaningful Symbolism.

3. Use 2-3 Basic Colors.

4. No Lettering or Seals.

5. Be Distinctive or Be Related; avoid duplicating flags, but use similarities to show connections.

Now, with those principles in mind, here's the Flag of Michigan.

Now, this flag breaks 4 of the 5 main principles.

It's not simple, for starters.  There's too much going on, and too many details.  It uses at least a dozen colors.

No lettering or seals?  That's blown out of the water, since the flag is literally just the State Seal on a blue background.  And as for being distinctive, almost half of all state flags are simply the Seal on a blue background, known to flag designers as a "blue bed sheet".

The worst part, in my opinion, is that there is no one "correct" design for the flag.  The state flag code, section 2.23 of Act 209 of 1911, simply says:

"The state flag shall be blue charged with the arms of the state."

That means there can be any kind of variation on this, different colors and depictions.

Me personally, I think our flag is outdated, and sorely needs updating.  several states have wonderful flags, flags that are easily identifiable.  Flags like New Mexico's:

Or Tennesee:

These flags striking and unique.  If you see their flags at a glance, you immediately know what they are.

And it's not like it is hard to give our flag a makeover.  I even made one in five minutes in MS Paint.

So what do you think?  Should the State of Michigan get a new look?  Or is there no point in worrying about it?