Liking this weather we're having?! Me, personally, I don't mind some 50's in February and March. But, Mlive Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa tells 95.3 WBCK there are potential effects.

March May Still Yo-Yo

Several days ago, Torregrossa thought March might start behaving more like its predecessors in previous years. Like, well, WINTER! But, just in the last day or so, forecast maps have begun to signal another yo-yo pattern: Colder days, then warmer days.

Yo-Yo Temperatures Will Likely Affect Michigan Agriculture

Torregrossa said that will be especially true if fruit and other crops begin budding - or continue budding! - in March, then there is a freeze in April. He said it is already, potentially, affecting maple syrup harvesting. Maple trees, he said, like a few warmer days in winter, then cold nights. This winter, that has not been the case consistently.

We Will Pay for the Mild Winter

But, Torregrossa said, not the way you think! He thinks rather than paying in April or May - or even later - with colder temps, we will pay for our mild winter with a hot summer. He things we in southwest Michigan are in for a summer that is at least as hot as last year - or hotter.

Click the player below to hear him discuss that and more. If you're a grower, check out Torregrossa's website dedicated to agriculture weather at

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