If you have contemplated a security system for your home, but it has been a while since you have looked into it, it may deserve another look.

These days, as we learned from David Hood of EPS Security, technology brings innovations that make it a lot easier for homeowners to keep their homes safe - and to know when a problem may be the case.

Portable Monitoring

These days, a mobile app keeps homeowners apprised of any alerts right on their smartphones.

Door Alerts

That monitoring can include when a door is opened at home, or when some other monitored area is breached.

Thermostat Adjustment

An add-on feature is the ability to adjust your home thermostat from the mobile app.

Smoke Alarm

A smoke alarm at your home, when you're not home, could go unattended until a neighbor or passer-by sees flames. With a home security device with monitoring, the fire department is alerted immediately - which can save your home.

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