Have you seen the video of an adorable black lab sworn in at the Peoria County Courthouse?

Something happened in the Peoria County Courthouse that has never happened before in that small Illinois building of justice. They held a swearing-in ceremony for a dog.  Specifically, a black lab named Kiwi.  So, what will this furry new government employee do for a living?  She will be taking care of young crime victims according to Central Illinois Proud,

The two-year-old black lab Kiwi was sworn in as a facility dog for the Peoria County State’s Attorney’s office. In her new role, Kiwi will assist children who have been victims or witnesses of violent crimes as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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Kiwi will have the awesome responsibility of soothing and comforting children who are victims of crimes as they testify in court as well as do interviews outside of the courthouse.

Where this is a first for the Peoria County court, other dogs have been sworn in to do similar jobs around the country.  Back in 2016, a black lab named Sydney was sworn in to do the same kind of work with the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office according to WOOD TV 8.  Then in 2019, a young Golden Retriever named Kory was sworn in for the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office.  There are dozens of examples from Tennessee to California of these cute and compassionate dogs sworn in to help young witnesses and victims of crime in legal settings.

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