This Detroit man takes his love for animals to a new level and the video is adorable.

Jason Lenzi is a 30-year-old guy from the Detroit, Michigan area who is clearly a lover of animals.  That must be why he spent 2 months and nearly $600 building a movie theater for squirrels.  Lenzi went all out.  He didn't just paint a wooden box.  He built a light-up marquee, installed movie posters, LED lighting, popcorn bowls full of fruit and nuts, and a bathroom.  We can't forget the concession stand full of theater candy and a working movie screen.  This thing is amazing.  At first, the theater remained empty for a long time.  But then, the magical moment happened.  Lucky for us Jason equipped the movie theater with multiple video cameras so we could witness the whole thing go down.

Michigan Movie Theater for Squirrels

If you enjoyed the photos above, you're going to love the video below.

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