I recently was told about a true act of kindness. An act of kindness that goes much deeper than your everyday act of kindness. A gesture that brought some comfort to a wife, a daughter and a son, after their husband and father was hit by a car and killed about 2 weeks ago.

How do I know about this?  The man killed was my cousin’s husband.  He was a 48 year old man.  A husband of 23 years.  A daughter who just came home the day before after finishing her sophomore year in college.  A son who just finished his freshman year in high school.

He was a hardworking man who stocked vending machines for clients at area businesses.  On this particular day, he was in a suburb of Detroit at one of his clients.  He was exiting the building after determining what products he needed to re-stock the machines.  He was coming around the building and was struck by a car speeding through the parking lot.  He was hit, dragged and left for dead as the driver of the car sped away.

My cousin, now a widow, said it took about 5 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and he died about an hour later.

About a week and a half later they held a visitation.  There were about 250 to 300 people who attended.  At the end of the night, one woman was left.  She said that she did not know if she should be there, but she wanted her to know that her husband was not alone while he was dying in the parking lot.  She said that she was in the parking lot when he was hit and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

A true act of kindness, a gesture of compassion from a complete stranger.  An act that helped bring comfort to my cousin and her children during this unspeakable time of grief and loss.

Not only did this woman sit with him in the parking lot but she felt it important enough to take the time to come to his visitation.  Simply to let his widow know, her husband did not die alone.

The police are still attempting to find the person who killed my cousin’s husband.

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