Pictured above (R to L): Mahayla Blades, Skylar Young, Annyssa Barber, Emily Crawford, & Logan Hively

The artwork is amazing, the concept is heartwarming, and the pure positivity is infectious. Meet these Parchment Girl Scouts, members of the Kalamazoo area troop of 5th graders, behind one of the most brilliant random act of kindness efforts that you will be glad you learned about today. Why? Because you are also invited to join the effort in any way you desire.

Here is the story about Happy Rocks best explained in this Facebook video below by the active young ladies themselves who launched their mission in September of 2017...

Their effort is a simple concept that stemmed from similar activities starting to happen in other areas around the country. It was used to complete one of the Girl Scouts objectives to 'Make A Difference' which won the troop a Bronze award in 2017.

Here is how it works: They gather a bunch of rocks and then paint them with a variety of artistic designs or positive written messages. After applying Rust-Oleum to preserve the paint, the girls hide them in various locations around town (like a park or other outdoor public spaces). Then when someone finds it, the desire is to brighten up their day. If you happen to find a Happy Rock, you have some choices about what to do next. Watch this video below as the girls explain further...

The rocks themselves have any kind of idea on them you can imagine. There are ones with thoughtful and inspirational messages, puns and jokes, images of nature scenes, Michigan location themes, sports and music themes, cartoon characters like Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh, among many others. They even recently made a 'Baby Shark' Happy Rock.

If you think this is just contained to the Kalamazoo area, guess again. Happy Rocks have already made it across the state, the country, and even other parts of the world as the secret starts to get out. Some of the girls took bags of Happy Rocks on family trips over the summer and spent time hiding them at campgrounds, beaches and anywhere else that they could think of.

(Courtesy Happy Rocks Facebook page)
(Courtesy Happy Rocks Facebook page)

So... 1) Find a Happy Rock. 2) Keep it and cherish it or hide it again to brighten someone else's day. 3) Start your own Happy Rocks project with your spouse, kids, family or friends. There are no rules except for one: Spread the Joy!

One request the group has is that if you find a Happy Rock, take a photo and then share it on your social media with the hashtag #HappyRocks. Also, post the photo on the Happy Rocks Facebook group to help get the word out to others who may want to participate.

A special thanks to former Parchment Girl Scouts leaders Chelsea Francis and Stephanie Cain-Lively and current leaders Anna Blades and Melissa Lynn for sharing this effort and letting us come to a recent meeting to learn about why they began this random act of kindness effort. If you want to join the growing group of Happy Rocks enthusiasts, like their Happy Rocks Facebook page.

Photo Gallery of Parchment made Happy Rocks

If you or your are interested in learning more or have a child who is considering joining the Girl Scouts, you can get information about Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan by CLICKING HERE.

(Author's note: Visiting these inspiring young ladies at the Parchment Girl Scouts inspired me to pay it forward. They gave me my very own Happy Rock to take home and 'hide' for my wife. Now Lacy & I are already collecting rocks to begin our own Happy Rocks projects. We hope you will too!)

Happy Rock Brandon gave to his wife Lacy
Happy Rock Brandon gave to his wife Lacy


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