We all are enjoying the supreme hypocrisy of the federal politicians in power.  When their team is in control they will not hold hearings to possibly fill an empty judge’s seat.  When they are not in power they wine like stuck pigs that the other team is not playing fair and will not hold hearings.

These same stuck pigs have been pointing to the Constitutions, funny because I am surprised they even know we have a Constitution, “advice and consent” wording.

I spent some time over the weekend thinking about this “advice and consent” argument and went back to the founding document.

Currently the Democrat party, since they are not in power, is complaining that it is the Senate’s duty to give their “advice and consent” to the President concerning his appointment of a Supreme Court judge.  They say since they are refusing to hold a hearing and vote they are not following the Constitution.

After reading the Constitution and some back ground material I have come to the conclusion that the “advice and consent” wording is not actually a duty which is imposed on the Senate but a restriction on the President’s power.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it state the Senate has to hold hearings or vote.  Could we not intellectually state that their decision to not hold hearings is their way of “advice and consent”?

The “judges”, and I use that term lightly, are no longer real judges who interpret the law as written and apply it in the manner of the textual wording.  They are now appointed for pure ideologue and they will hammer their vote in whichever way they can to make it fit the ideologue of their party.  I will state that the Democrat judges seem to do this quite a bit more than they Republicans, but both sides choose their appointees purely on ideologue and not on their understanding of the strict law but their interpretation and how they apply the law in their rulings.

Just some thoughts on the current spate of hypocrisy.  You all know my stance on these hypocrites, throw them all out.

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