Some sanity was brought back to the U.S. Senate on Saturday compliments of the Republicans Senators and one Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

They did not allow the politics of personal destruction, and by personal I mean all the way down to the children level to rule the day.  That is when they confirmed Judge Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court.  What happened over the last few weeks was not just about Judge Kavanaugh but about our political process and how it will unfold in the coming years and decades.

We have not seen such ugliness since Robert Bork was, well “Borked” in 1987.

As I stated over the last week I understand that the Democrats were upset over the Merrick Garland delay, but remember Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was only following the “Biden Rule”

On June 25, 1992 from the floor of the Senate Senator Joe Biden said:

Should a justice resign this summer and the president move to name a successor, actions that will occur just days before the Democratic Presidential Convention and weeks before the Republican Convention meets, a process that is already in doubt in the minds of many will become distrusted by all. Senate consideration of a nominee under these circumstances is not fair to the president, to the nominee, or to the Senate itself…Mr. President, where the nation should be treated to a consideration of constitutional philosophy, all it will get in such circumstances is a partisan bickering and political posturing from both parties and from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. As a result, it is my view that if a Supreme Court Justice resigns tomorrow, or within the next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, President Bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not — and not — name a nominee until after the November election is completed.

Well you heard it directly from the month of former Democratic Senator and Vice President Joe Biden.  So Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell listened to his good friend from the state of Delaware.

That being said what happened to Judge Kavanaugh his family and Republican Senators and their families over the last few weeks was appalling and disgusting.  When President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland was delayed he was not personal destroyed by an anger mob of violent and fowl people. The right did not go after him personally and do what the left did to Judge Kavanaugh.

It was disgusting what happened to Judge Kavanaugh and will leave a stain on the United States, the United States Senate, the Democrats Senators and Congress people who partook in this destruction and the Democratic Party.

It was a win for the United States that the politics of personal destruction and mob rule was not allowed to rule the day and I give credit to all of the Republicans who voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh for that win.

The politics of personal destruction by the Democrat Party will not stop here, it will continue to fester like a boil through the midterms and the rest of President Trumps Administration and up until a Democrat is elected President.

The level headed Democrats need to rupture and drain that boil that has taken over and consumed their party.  They need to bring back some sanity to that party for the betterment of their Party and our country.  Until that time I hope and pray for our country that those of you who lean left of center in our politics do not encourage, validate and enable that Party with your vote.

The problem today as I see it with the Democratic Party is that if they do not rule they try their best to ruin.

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