The City of Albion has an acting City Manager today. Assistant City Manager Haley Snyder has stepped into that role. The reason is an agreement between the City Council and now former City Manager Darwin McClary to a separation agreement. McClary had been on the job in Albion for just 11 months. McClary was hired last September and had a four-year contract. About 20 people applied for the job and he was one of four to be interviewed before being offered the job. While not necessarily a revolving door, Albion has had a tough time selecting and keeping people in that critical position going back several years.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports the separation agreement includes provisions that neither party will say anything damaging about the other.  The separation agreement includes a generous compensation and benefits package to McClary.

While he was praised coming into the position, things got testy after a few months. McClary was given a so-so performance evaluation after 6 months on the job. Several City Council members were critical of him for not taking what they felt should have been a more robust and visible leadership position in the city. He was placed on administrative leave with pay, the end of last month. McClary is now the third City Manager to leave the position in the last 30 months. His predecessor, Latonya Rufus recently resigned and was just arraigned in court on embezzlement charges.

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