I use to play Euchre all the time when I was in college, I loved the game.  I did not know it was a game only many of us in Michigan and the surrounding states played until I graduated from college and moved to the East coast.  No one on the east coast except those from Michigan and the surrounding states even heard of the game.  Due to that unfortunately my play diminished.

Now we find out from an article published in Mlive that there is another “Michigan” card game, called Michigan Rummy.  I have never heard of this game, have you?

Apparently it is also called 500 Rummy, also called Michigan Rummy, a game you can play between only 2 of you or up to 9 people.

According to the website boardgamegeek.com, to play Michigan Rummy you need three things:

  1. a three-dimensional revolving playing board
  1. a regular deck of cards
  1. and poker chips.

How do you actually play Michigan Rummy?

You place the poker chips in different cups which are placed on the playing board, you then pick suits and yell out (not to loud) the card you are playing.  The objective of the game is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible.  Whomever gets rid of all their cards first wins the chips in the cup.

To get the complete rules of playing Michigan Rummy go to boardgamegeek.com Michigan Rummy and have some fun.

Better than watching TV all night.

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