Michigan United for Liberty is heading up another rally at the State Capital in Lansing on Thursday, May 14th.   The group hopes to inspire the people of Michigan to oppose what they call “the unconstitutional, unlawful, and immoral lock-down orders that are destroying our great state with every passing day.”

The grass roots group says their purpose is to show lawmakers, state officials, and the public that “the people of Michigan will passionately defend our freedom and prosperity. We protest Governor Whitmer's grossly unconstitutional and extremely destructive executive orders.”

Governor Whitmer appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday. “The fact of the matter is the Michigan Capitol is one of the few in the country where people can come bearing guns... What we anticipate seeing tomorrow is people using those guns to intimidate others."  She went on to say,  "I do think the fact of the matter is these protesters in a perverse way make it likelier we're going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture," she said, noting her administration's stance that it will reinstate tougher sanctions if case numbers begin to climb at a faster rate again. "The whole point of them presumably is that they don't want to do that."

Michigan United for Liberty posted information on their Twitter page, as their Facebook page was censored and then deactivated.   Their statement goes on to say “In light of Governor Whitmer's repeated attempts to bully and browbeat demonstrators, and her supporters' attempts to silence us, it is our purpose to demonstrate that we will not be bullied, browbeaten, or silenced.  As we always have, we expect demonstrators to be the peaceful, law-abiding citizens that we are. We encourage all participants to exercise extreme patience, should there be opposing demonstrators, and remain peaceful and respectful.  Our purpose is to demonstrate mass opposition to Governor Whitmer's rapacious policies, and we ask every participant to be an effective representative of that message, through lawful and peaceful demonstration.  This is all we ask.”

Michigan Conservative Coalition Holds Vehicle Rally Calling For Opening Of State's Economy
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Meanwhile, Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office is working in coordination with the Michigan State Police and the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office to ensure any protests that occur at the state Capitol are peaceful and free of violence and intimidation.  “We are in unprecedented times which have called for significant measures to protect the health and safety of Michigan residents. I vehemently support the First Amendment right to protest government actions at the Capitol or elsewhere around the state; however any such activity must be done in a manner that is safe and lawful,” Nessel said. “The presence of heavily armed protestors at the Capitol unnecessarily creates a powder keg dynamic that is dangerous to protestors, law enforcement and public servants reporting to work at the Capitol. My office will work in coordination with local authorities and the Michigan State Police to uphold our commitment to public safety.”

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