Florida Holds Presidential Primary Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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The Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce held its annual Mock Election online.  Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce President Kara Beer says the poll was not just for Chamber Members.

In a release sent out on Friday, Beer said, “We are in the home stretch of an election that—like so much in 2020—has been and will continue to be unlike any before it. With unprecedented tens of millions of Americans expected to vote by mail this year, we encourage you to take part in our annual Chamber Mock Election where we get a glimpse of what the outcomes may be for our city, county, state, and federal elections.“

Here are the results:

  • President-Trump wins with 59%
  • US Senate-John James wins with 60%
  • 3rd Congressional Race-Peter Meijer wins with 68%
  • 62nd State House-Dave Morgan wins with 60%
  • 63rd State House-Matt Hall wins with 64%
  • Battle Creek Mayor, Mark Behnke 59%
  • Battle Creek At Large, Sherry Sofia, 39%; Kaytee Ferris, 22%, Carla Reynolds, 20%
  • Battle Creek Ward 1: Kristin Blood, 44%
  • Battle Creek Ward 2: John Kenefick, 32%
  • Battle Creek Ward 3: Boonikka Herring (unopposed)
  • Battle Creek Ward 4: Chris Bacik, 54%
  • Battle Creek Ward 5: Jim Lance, 54%
  • Calhoun County Sheriff, Steve Hinkley wins with 72%
  • Calhoun County Clerk-Register, Kim Hinkley wins with 67%
  • Calhoun County Treasurer, Brian Wensaur wins with 65%
  • Calhoun County Water Recourses Commissioner, Ron Smith wins with 58%
  • Calhoun County Prosecutor-Dave Gilbert wins with 71%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 1: Kathy Sue Vette wins with 63%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 2: Patrick O'Donnell wins with 59%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 3: Jake Smith and Hermann "Chip" Spranger tied
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 4: Steve Frisbie wins with 69%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 5: Derek King wins with 70%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 6: Tommy Miller wins with 61%
  • Calhoun County Commissioner, District 7: Gary Tompkins wins with 66%
  • KCC Board of Trustees: T.R. Shaw, 35%, Carla Reynolds, 21%, Jon Byrd, 21%
  • Springfield Mayor: Harry Burdett, 66%
  • Springfield Trustees: Amy Evans, 27%, Christy Kincaid, 24%, Larry Eib, 21%
  • Michigan Proposals 1: Passed with 71%
  • Michigan Proposals 2: Passed with  83%
  • Calhoun County 911 Surcharge Proposal: Failed with 60%
  • Marshall Street proposal: Passed with 57%

You can also visit the Chamber's Facebook Page.

Battle Creek Chamber
Battle Creek Chamber
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