Yesterday I interviewed Terris Todd about an article he wrote titled “Black Fathers Matter”.  Terris currently is the Program Manager, Civil Society and the American Dialogue at the Heritage Foundation.

Terris is a former Battle Creek Public Schools administrator, Calhoun County Commissioner who also worked for the Department of Education for a short period of time before the Heritage Foundation called him.  Terris currently lives with his family in Battle Creek but works at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.. I have known Terris for a few years and he informed me of the piece he published.  I invited him to my show to discuss his piece.

In his article he started with:

Black fathers get a bad rap.  Society has painted us with a broad brush, stereotyping us as being missing in action and unresponsive to our children’s needs. At times, we’ve been dubbed as uninterested in our children’s everyday lives.

Terris ended his piece by writing:

“God has designed for our families to be the support system we need in life and to create the balance a child needs to grow into productive and successful adults.

When a father is removed from being the leader of the family, it makes the overall success of the child more difficult.

Fathers, do whatever it takes to be engaged in your children’s lives. The reward on the other side of your pain is much greater than you could ever imagine.

Fathers, you matter!”

To hear my interview with Terris please click on the following:

Renk’s interview with Terris Todd about Black Fathers Matter

Terris was also interviewed about his piece on Newsmax TV's American Agenda on December 22, 2021, below is that interview:

In these times it is great to read and hear someone trying to right a wrong and bring positivity and clarity to a very serious issue.

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