Everyone has an opinion on AI. Many are skeptical, but our perception of AI is often molded by how strong of a threat we see it to our way of life.

While AI is bound to have plenty of positive impacts on human life, it won't come without some sacrifice. The most likely sacrifice for many of us will be our jobs. Logically, certain jobs are significantly more susceptible to replacement by AI than others.

Of course, the common types of jobs people work vary from state to state. Some areas have more trade workers while others have more office spaces. Those white-collar jobs may well be the most at risk of AI replacement.

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But what about here in Michigan? Is the Mitten State safer than other states across the country?

It's a mixed answer, according to one study. Three Movers conducted a study analyzing which jobs were most at risk of AI replacement and, by proxy, which states were most at risk. Each state was given a final score from 0.0-10.0.

No state is completely invulnerable, but Hawai'i did score a 0.0 as the safest state with Indiana close behind at 0.8. On the other hand, Vermont scored a 10.0.

Michigan seems to have an average score of 5.7, however, that is the 14th-highest score of all 50 states.

Michigan does have a fair balance of white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs, so a balanced score makes sense. Of course, this is the case for most states in the country.

Most of the states that scored below 4.0 were well under that threshold and located in the southeast.

The jobs most at risk, according to the study, are in the finance and insurance fields. Information and communication (ouch) was a close second followed by professional, scientific and technical jobs as well as property jobs.

The safest jobs are in the construction field, naturally. Transport and storage jobs are also safe followed by agriculture, forestry and fishing as well as motor trades.

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