He was certainly determined and focused, but an arm injury was just too much to overcome as Charles Solano wasn’t able to break the Guinness World Record for chin-ups in 24 hours.

Solano, who owns several Biggby Coffee locations in Calhoun County, had started at 7 am on Friday at his shop on Capital Ave N.E. in Pennfield, across from Bailey Park.

Solano was raising money for the Calhoun County Red White and Blue Foundation, serving those who served.   Dave Morgan is with that organization and was there for much of Solano’s effort.

“He was on pace to break the record, but Charles injured his right bicep at 10:30 pm,“ said Morgan.  “At that time he should have stopped but Charles was a United States Marine, and pushed through the pain until it was clear the record could not be reached this day. He ended with a total of 3189.”   Solano continued to do six chin-ups at 1-minute intervals, for another 3 hours or so before reluctantly throwing in the towel.  The record of 5,340 stands…..for now.

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Morgan went on to say, “Did I mention that he was doing this to raise money for our Veterans here in Calhoun County? Next time you see Charles make sure to thank him for all he does for our community and the men and woman serving today in our Armed Forces and all who have served. He is a true hero!!”

Solano, who owns several Biggby Coffee stores in the area, says he was inspired to start doing chin-ups last June after reading a book called “Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds” by David Goggins. 

Solano started training in June of 2020 and had an injury in October as he approached 3,000 chin-ups.  He recovered and did 4,050 in late June.   We’re guessing we haven’t seen the last of Charles Solano at the chin-up bar.

Way to go, Charles!  Chin up.



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