Everyone now and then, people make a really funny comment on Facebook that literally makes you laugh out loud. Earlier this week, several people had a funny take on a project happening inside a Battle Creek Walmart store that people were discussing.

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In the Facebook group 'Nosey A**es of Calhoun County', which is a funny name in and of itself, several people looked at the photo posted and said something along the lines of "putting a Dollar General store inside the Walmart". Of course, the joke is that it seems like there are Dollar General stores literally everywhere and more popping up all the time so why not build one inside another store?

Another comment that showed up a couple of times implied that they may be putting a marijuana dispensary inside the store. Like Dollar General stores, there seem to be dispensaries showing up every time you blink too! But along with jokingly alleging that the first-ever Dollar General inside a Walmart store is happening right here in Michigan, several other humorous comments about what it could be were made about the photo in this Facebook group.

Some in the group say the actual reason is for some kind of a floor remodeling project going on near the pharmacy at this location. Apparently, it has been in place for a while and so none of it is probably a big deal. But it sure did ignite a pretty fun discussion for a few days this week.

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