"Nourishing Families So They Can Flourish & Thrive" is Kellogg Company's self declared purpose. Ever since its inception over 100 years ago, The Kellogg Company has been an irreplaceable piece of the foundation of Battle Creek. The city is even nicknamed "Cereal City" for it's association with breakfast food giants like Kellogg.

Credit: Elizabeth Fernandez / Contributor

The company has announced that in this calendar year consumers will see 40 new products hit the stores. A large highlight of these new foods and lines is their nutritionally driven items that will hit the market with granola, cereal, and muesli that contain no artificial flavors or hydrogenated oils. This may be no Fruit Loop or Frosted Flake release, but perhaps the generations that first enjoyed these items have grown up and are now joining the food trend of natural and organic options. These items are sure to appeal to this crowd!

But don't fear sugar and chocolate lovers,  because among the list of new products that The Battle Creek Enquirer listed for Kellogg's release, are Keebler Jif and Fudge Strip Cookies. Keep your eyes peeled cause there will be something for everyone!

Tell us, what is your favorite breakfast food? Or, what would you like to see Kellogg come out with next? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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