In a recent op-ed in the Battle Creek Enquirer, former U.S. representative, Michigan senator and Battle Creek mayor Dr. Joe Schwarz was clear: Public schools are crashing and burning because of Schools of Choice - Battle Creek Public Schools included.

Schwarz decries the closing of BCPS buildings - Freemont and Urbandale - saying the closings can only serve to undermine the sense of community in those neighborhoods. Instead, Schwarz tells WBCK, local superintendents need a meeting of the minds - and quick.

"It's a problem now," Schwarz said of declining enrollment numbers in Battle Creek and other districts. "It'll be a crisis later."

Schwarz, who teaches public policy at the University of Michigan and remains practicing medicine in Battle Creek, discussed the upcoming presidential election. Schwarz, a Republican, said he believes Democrat Hillary Clinton is the better candidate.

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