Lakeview Ford Lincoln's sixth annual Kickball Classic is set for Sunday, July 24, 2016 at Bailey Park in Battle Creek. A full roster of 24 kickball teams made up of local businesses, groups, churches and more is expected.

The event, which benefits Battle Creek's Community Inclusive Recreation (CIR) and New World Flood, also includes participants from CIR joining the teams to round out the rosters.

Courtesy Memories by Jacqueline
Courtesy Memories by Jacqueline

Lakeview Ford's Vince Pavone tells WBCK that even after just five years of previous Kickball Classics, many long lasting relationships have been formed between various teams and their CIR teammates.

CIR's Jonathan Beal agrees, adding that although it is his first year with the Classic this year, his arrival from Jackson County to CIR was quickly met with preparations for Kickball Classic - and lots of enthusiasm. Kickball Classic also includes a scheduled appearance by Kalamazoo-native, former NFL pro and New World Flood founder T. J. Duckett.

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