Battle Creek Unlimited CEO Joe Sobieralski just got back from a 10 day trip to Japan, as BCU continues to work closely with the Japanese to maintain and expand economic development in the Fort Custer Industrial Park.

Sobieralski was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  He says Battle Creek currently has 19 different Japanese owned businesses and he says they're talking to 18 more about possibly moving here.  He says Vice President of Attraction Robert Corder is still in Japan talking to various businesses.

Sobieralski says trips like that are very important, because other cities in neighboring states, such as Indiana, are also making their pitch.   One new tool in the BCU toolbox is a newly renovated facility in the Fort Custer Industrial Park. The new building has some charging stations in the parking lot, for electric powered vehicles.  "And that's no accident, ' says Sobieralski.  "BCU is continuing to diversify and also going after that next generation technology."

BCU New HQ Opening TSM Photo (14)

When asked about recent restaurant closings, Sears closing, and Kellogg job losses, Sobieralski notes "The world in continually changing.  It's exponentially changing." But he notes that one restaurant switching with the other, one is closing to make way for future development and we have new restaurants opening downtown.  BCU closed on deals for two new downtown breweries.  He says New Holland is moving forward with their plans, and we may know the identity of the other brewery after the holidays.

"We always hate to see businesses close, but that's a natural cycle. The important thing is that we're working to move forward with new investments.  Those things are in the works and they have been in the works.