Yelp has given people the ability to openly share their very honest (sometimes brutally honest) opinions about their experiences with local businesses, especially restaurants. Which is great. Unfortunately, a lot of times if a customer has one minor inconvenience they may feel entitled to leave a scathing, low-rated review.

For those who have never had to work in restaurants, reviews have the ability to make or break your restaurant. That being said, it's becoming more and more common to see owners of restaurants taking time to personally respond to 1-star reviews left on Yelp. Often, you'll see a remorseful message. Something along the lines of, "we're so sorry you had this experience. Please come back to see us." And, that's certainly one way to handle it.

And then there's the owner of Beer Church Brewing in New Buffalo who, it seems, is taking a different approach. Instead of profusely apologizing, he roasts the absolute crap out of these 1-star reviewers (excuse the vocabulary but....that's the best way to describe it).

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You can see all of the Yelp reviews for Beer Church Brewery, most of which are positive, here.

But, let's look at some of the 1-star response highlights:

With Beer Church Brewing sitting close to the Indiana border, a lot of these reviews are from people in Indiana as well as Illinois. Like this one from Kristie B.


This is why I like seeing owners take the defense in most cases. There's always seems to be a part of the story, like yelling abusive language at an underage part-time worker, that gets left out of the original review (if it's true).

At least Kat gave a 3-star review instead of 1. But, like with others, John had a quick comeback to her complaint


Roasting responses don't even have to be long as demonstrated by John's one-line reply to Bina K.


It's mind-boggling that someone would take the time to write a negative review over decorations...but here we are.


While I, as a former bartender, may find these kinds of responses entertaining at times, this is in no way intended to encourage online bullying from either restaurant reviewers or restaurant owners.

With that in mind, there are pages and pages of reviews and responses from Beer Church Brewing that you can comb through should you need some petty entertainment. See them all here.

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