There aren't a lot of positives, overall, that came from the pandemic and the country having to shut down for months. However, one surprising realization from the pandemic is realizing how much we affect the climate on a daily basis. According to, air pollution dropped 30% while we were all locked in our homes. Obviously, once the virus is under control, staying home all the time isn't realistic which is why companies taking steps to be 'greener' is so vital. One local spot is getting some well-deserved recognition.

Bell's Brewery has just been awarded the U.S. EPA Energy Star Challenge award for its sustainability efforts over the past few years.

According to the press release from, the Energy Star Challenge for Industry is a "global call-to-action for industrial sites to reduce their energy intensity by 10 percent within 5 years". And Bell's, which is Michigan's largest independent craft brewer, has certainly risen to the challenge.

In a quote, Larry Bell, the founder, and president of Bell's Brewery said,

Being good stewards of our environment has always been a priority. Sure, we save money. That's good business. More importantly, we're helping to secure and protect our environment for generations to come

Let's break down a few of the projects that put Bell's ahead of the competition.

  1. Compressed Air Leak Detection. Using an ultrasonic device, Bell's found and fixed worn tubing and gaskets. The equivalent of the power they saved is enough to power 14 homes for an entire year.
  2. Replaced fluorescent bulbs with LED's. By doing this, Bell's saved about 127,000 KWH per year a.k.a enough power for 12 homes for an entire year.
  3. Glycol heated CO2 vaporizer. I have absolutely no idea what that means but, basically two separate systems were combined into one for efficiency. That saved Bell's 190,000 KWH or enough for 17 homes for an entire year.

Bell's Brewery has also partnered with Consumer's Energy over the past few years to make sure their brewery is energy efficient.

Aside from making an impact on our environment, Bell's is also working with local charities to help out the community. See all of their events on their Facebook page.

Saving the planet is important. So is enjoying your favorite beer. And I love to see a local place, like Bell's, working to make the whole "having your cake and eating it too" a possibility.

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