The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with a very long list of challenges, and at the same time, it has forced many to rethink and find new ways to do things we always have taken for granted.

In the past month, most surveys asking people what they miss most, list going out with friends to a bar or restaurant as one of the top five. Back in late March, Larry Bell and Bell's Brewing facilitated a virtual Oberon Day for the annual "local" holiday. Now Bell's is back with a virtual Pizza Party on Friday night, May 15th at 7:00pm ET.

The virtual event, which Bell's is calling "Pizzapalooza". is tied to National Pizza Party Day, something Bell's says many restaurants and breweries nationwide are participating in.

You can log into Bell's Facebook page or YouTube channel to be a part of the event.

Graphic courtesy Bell's Brewery, Inc.
Graphic courtesy Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Bell's is putting its own twist on it, spotlighting pizza and beer pairings, and not the stars in the lineup, but a few of the other players.

The featured beers are "Official", the hazy IPA, "Light-hearted", the lighter version of Two-Hearted, Lager of the Lakes, and Bell's Porter. (All the beer are mid-range in ABV, ranging from 3.7% for Light-Hearted, to 6.4% for Official.)

Here are Bell's pairing suggestions, though you may notice the final suggestion includes arugula, and I've seen too many comedians comment on whatever arugula is, to be able to take it seriously, let alone eat it. I also know several people that don't care for mushrooms, which I personally love.

  • Light Hearted Ale with a chicken, bacon and ranch pizza; or a seafood and citrus pizza.
  • Official Hazy IPA with hot Hawaiian pizza or a pizza with goat cheese, hot pepper and peach.
  • Porter with sweet sausage crumbles and mushroom pizza or a pizza with peppers.
  • Lager of the Lakes with a Margherita pizza or a pizza with prosciutto and arugula.

Here's the bottom line: Most all of us have gotten pretty tired of being cooped up and temperatures are finally in the warm range, and fun is good for you.

Larry Bell says it pretty well. “This event combines two things that should be readily available no matter where you live. Comfort food meets delicious beer in a way that will hopefully help people feel a little connected, something we’re all looking for these days, and help support nearby restaurants and bars,”

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