A hit-and-run accident that took place early Monday morning left a full-grown black bear dead on I-75 in Flint Township. Yes, you read that correctly, someone hit and killed a black bear.

The adult black bear was hit and killed on I-75 near Beecher Road at around 1 a.m. Monday, April 19.

According to MLive, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division was contacted, and the bear carcass was turned over to that agency for further investigation.

Police are looking for the driver of the vehicle involved because they left the scene before troopers arrived. If I hit a bear along I-75 there's no way I would flee from the scene, I would want to be there when police arrived just so I could see the look on their faces. I'm assuming (guessing) whoever hit the black bear had been drinking and driving and didn't want to get busted or was possibly driving on a suspended license or something. I can't think of another reason why they would take off. I guess it's possible they thought they hit a large dog but I doubt it.

It's pretty rare for someone to see a black bear in this area much less blast into one on 75. It does happen every once in a while in Michigan but it's usually in the northern part of the state. I remember back in 2014 a bear had been hit by a car near or in West Branch. I would have to assume it happens a little more often in the Upper Peninsula since 90% of black bears live there.

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