Move over, pumpkin spice, and make room for Taco Bell's new Fall treat: the caramel apple freeze.

It's like drinking a caramel apple on a stick. Taco Bell promises "a layer of sweet, caramel sauce topped with tangy, green apple flavored frozen, slushy, goodness." In short, all the delicious taste of Autumn goodness sucked through a straw without the caramel dripping down your arm.

It's something you'd buy at the county fair at the end of Summer when the nights start getting cooler. You can almost smell bonfires and burning leaves in the air. Fresh caramel apples and cider on the farm is a Fall treat that is incredibly delicious but, until now, has been a sometimes sticky problem. Taco Bell has turned things upside down with a new Autumn rival for pumpkin spice with the new caramel apple freeze.

Available for a limited time at many of the 250+ Michigan Taco Bell locations.

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