Between 2011 and 2014 the number of children illegally crossing our southern border is up 1200% according to a new report issued by the Congressional Research Service.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on this staggering number.  In the article they quote the report stating:

This unexpected surge of children strained U.S. government resources and created a complex crisis with humanitarian implications. They increased in the first five months of FY2016, however, and experts warn that significant migration flows will continue until policymakers in the countries of origin and the international community address the poor socioeconomic and security conditions driving Central Americans to leave their homes.

I have been saying for years who do you think this will harm the most.  The children of American citizens and those who are here legally.  That is my main concern.  I understand the parents of these children wanting a better life for their children but at whose expense.

Yours and your children.

This concern is not aimed at the children or their parents but is it so bad to first worry about Americans and then the rest of the world.  We cannot continue being the beacon of hope of the world if we continue to erode the future job prospects of our country and the taxpayer dollars it cost to follow this policy of the President and his Democrat party.

The report cites the surge mostly coming from the Central American nation of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

This surge affects more than the future job prospects of your children and possibly you, it affects all of us today.  Due to this surge the Obama administration is requesting at least $1 billion in the fiscal year 2016 and beyond.  These are funds that we are borrowing from other countries and if we are going to borrow these funds that put us in further debt how about we spend those taxpayers dollars on our children.  Is that too much to ask for.

All countries have borders, if they do not are they really a country?  All most Americans are asking for is that we first secure our borders, straighten out the problems facing Americans today and then deal with the illegal aliens that are already here.  Once that is under control then we can deal with allowing more immigrants into our country.

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